What is Herr Architekt?


American architect currently living in Japan and working on projects worldwide.



20 years - projects throughout the USA, Japan, & Germany

2 years living & working in Japan - projects in Iwakuni, Okinawa, Yokota, Zama

5 years living & working in Germany - projects in Bamberg, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart

highlighted projects

Cottonwood + Ida Mixed-Use Housing - Bozeman, Montana, USA *under OpenScope Studio


Quetzal Gardens Mixed-Use Housing - San Jose, California, USA *under SGPA

Coleman Highline Restaurants - San Jose, California, USA *under SGPA

Torii Station Battalion Headquarters - Okinawa, Japan *Wakefield Architects

Insula River Multi-Family Housing 1 + 2 - Bamberg, Germany *under Bornhofen Architekten

Stegaurach Multi-Family Housing - Stegaurach, Germany *under Bornhofen Architekten

Cutler Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center - Phoenix, Arizona, USA *under Motley Design Group

ACO North American Headquarters - Casa Grande, Arizona, USA *under Motley Design Group



Architect: USA - Arizona #46424, NCARB #94819

LEED Green Associate


Master of Architecture, Tulane University


English, German, Spanish​


professional experience


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